I am really happy to work with brands from around the world. In the interests of transparency, I am happy to is under the following conditions:


– I take great pride in creating and producing content for my blog and as such my time is valuable. I am happy to accept products or a fee for any work undertaken for a brand, and am happy to discuss working with brands in exchange for exposure. I will NOT feature any content that does not offer any compensation or payment for my time.  

– As my primary interests lie in Fashion, food, travel, beauty and Hull I am happy to work with brands within these areas where appropriate. However, I am happy to consider working with brands that don’t fall into these categories. It’s good to expand your horizons when you can!
– All of my blog posts are promoted on social media (Twitter and Instagram) on the day of posting and for an appropriate amount of time thereafter. All brands are tagged in posts where possible unless otherwise stated.
– Reviews will always be written from personal experience. I am happy to work within some guidelines required by companies, such as points to include or #hashtags, but I will always reserve the right to exercise my own creativity with content so that it remains true to my blog’s aesthetic. I will not post ‘follow links’ as per the current Google guidelines. Posts generally read a lot better when they are not contrived.
– Any item sent for review will be indicated with * as of posts from January 2016 
– If I don’t like a product and feel it will not make good content after trying it out, I may choose not to feature this on my blog. It is not in my usual policy to post negative reviews about a product.
 – I may occasional run giveaways on my blog – some of them items I may not have personally tried so cannot comment on their performance or suitability for use. Products in my giveaways have usually been provided by brands for use on my blog, however I deem this to be appropriate.
If a product/item is sent to me and it is not fit for use, it will not be returned unless shipping/transportation costs are met by the supplier of the product. Any products that can be returned by hand locally will be done so.
– I usually do not make content available to be checked or pre-approved before posting, however this can be discussed where appropriate.
For any questions please feel free to get in touch at iamjennychat@hotmail.com