FASHION/ 3 reasons why Bardot tops are the one 

I’m a long time lover of the bardot/cold shoulder style – as well as it being so on trend right now there are some clear reasons it’s a staple in my wardrobe. Here’s why:

1-They’re super flattering 

Bardot tops show off (what I think is) a really feminine area, the decolatege and shoulders, which looks sexy without being OTT. For those like me who may not always like to flash the upper arm area, this style skims right over it. For those (also like me) who may be a bit self conscious of the tummy area, you’re in luck: it usually skims right over that too!

Denim bardot, Boohoo

I lived in this top last summer, and so far have continued to do so this year. It’s an interesting way to do the double denim look if you style it with a pair of skinny jeans (black or whit, depending on the weather and your mood)

Gingham and red embroidered bardot, New Look

This is the newest in my collection and combines my love for monochrome with an on-trend print and pop of colour. I wore this on a casual night out with black Capri jeans, mules and a bright red lip and felt so cute and fleeky.
2- they’re ridiculously easy to throw on and look great for most occasions 

Daytime or evening, casual or dressy, the bardot style can work pretty much any way you want to wear it. 

Frill sleeve white Bardot Boohoo 

This is another top I lived in last summer (and have just picked up in black) which is a pretty similar style to the denim one. Paired with ripped knee skinniest and a top knot, this is a more casual look I wore on holiday in Barcelona.

Baby blue bardot dress, LOVE (similar here)

And this is an outfit I wore to a casual summer wedding. Skater dresses are my jam because of where they fit and flare, so it still skimmed over most of my least favourite parts (I was slimmer then so didn’t feel quite as unhappy about my stomach area). I’ve also dressed this down with converse and a chunky necklace for an afternoon at the pub, so just as versatile as atop!

3- They help keep you cool in warm weather (but you’ll still look HAWT)

The off shoulder/less fitting combo usually means some much needed air flow when the temperature heats up, so you’re less likely to become a sweaty mess. Pick your fabric wisely though!Denim Bardot dress, Miss Pap

I wore this as a dress whilst on holiday – sightseeing during the day in sliders and a fedora, dinner in the evenings in barely there heels and a cute fluffy bag. It’s quite short so I didn’t feel quite as comfortable wearing it with bare legs in the uk, so I style it with white skinny jeans underneath.

Tie dye bardot (part of a coordinate), Miss Pap. Now sold out.

I wore a bardot top almost every evening during my Marbella holiday to stay cool in the summer heat (as well as hide my food baby – I ate a LOT of paella and tapas that week!) as well as staying stylish. Having the confidence in my clothing shape meant I felt able to experiment with patterns a little – I don’t think I would have tried tie dye under any other circumstance!

Some of my other faves… 

Floral long sleeved bardot, Topshop (I haven’t managed to get a good shot of me in this one yet)

Blue striped bell sleeve bardot, New Look. There’s something about a blue stripe top that really elevates a casual look, plus the on trend bell sleeves will keep you cool

Gingham floral cold shoulder top, AX Paris. This is a funkier way to do florals this season, the subtle frill on the sleeves still makes it feel girly and pretty.
    Bardot frill dress, ASOS                   daaaaamn, this dress is on fuego!! This colour is beautiful for standing out in the sunshine, but the shape is still really feminine and flattering which is perfect for me. I can see this being dressed up or down really easily *adds to ASOS basket* 

Are you as obsessed with Bardot as I am, show me what styles/prints you’re living for!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

May favourites 


We’re into June – so far it promises to be a month of challenges and hard work, but I’m ready for it! Make you join me over on social media to see what’s coming up. Until then, here’s what I’ve been enjoying for the past month…
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray 

I know everyone else has raved about this particular product for years, however as my hair is only really taken a curl for the past couple I haven’t bothered to try it out until I picked some up in Liverpool over Easter. Now, thanks to this beauty, my hair will now hang on to a wave for a few days with minimal re-styling…I’ve literally waited my whole life for this!

NYX Tame and Frame brow pomade 

I’ve decided this is probably a pretty affordable dupe for the much-loved Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow, and it’s probably the only brow product I’ll use until I explore some more permanent solutions (which I’m seriously considering at the moment). I’ve gone through high impact gym classes whilst wearing this and it doesn’t budge a bit, yet slides off easily with make up remover. Dream product.



I’ve always had decent lashes but wanted a bit more pow so went to see Sarah at Saks Hull to get it done. I was instantly soooo impressed!* I’ve taken to going mascara free during the day ever since. My only little bugbear is that now my lashes are so voluminous that I can’t get behind them properly to do a steady eyeliner line, but I can always get better at that.

*I’m just seeing if I can get hold of my before/after pics from Saks, I’ll insert them if I can.

Baby wipes 

Such a daft one I know, but these have been everywhere with me lately and have been amazingly useful. Sticky hands? Sorted. Make up slide? No worries. Quick freshen up? They got my back. I’m defecting from moistened toilet tissue and make up wipes immediately.

Lace up everything 

Crop top, Topshop/ Corset tee, Boohoo/ Jeans, Topshop (obvs)

I’m developing quite a collection – tops, jeans, chokers, shoes… don’t think I need to say much more! Above is only a small part of it, I just think this is a really easy way to get detail into your look without having to over-a cessorise, and is so frickin cool to boot.

FASHION & BEAUTY/ Oxford Street Haul (June 2017)

I recently made a flying visit to London and managed to make a pit stop at my happy place, aka Oxford Street (well, it was pay week…) so thought I’d share what I picked up.

Note: you’ll notice a lot of the pictures aren’t taken by me – this was down to a combo of poor lighting, using items so they didn’t look ‘fresh’ and impatience at wanting to get this post up!

Stripe lace up crop top, Topshop 

I already owned this top in black and use it as a layering piece over t-shirts, so thought it would be nice to pick up this version too. I may well use this an excuse to wear all black so this can be the talking point.

Snake print lace up choker, River Island 

This was an impulse buy as I though it was so cool and sexy, I’m picturing it with a simple jeans/ white tee combo to really let it stand out. I can’t say I’m not a bit put out that it’s now reduced to a bargain £3 less than week after buying it though!

French slogan tee, Topshop (available in store)

This one came straight out of the bag, hence the creases! As well as French slogans being so en vogue right now, this kind of reminds me of the Gucci tee everyone is wearing right now even though it doesn’t look much like it! I just thought it would be really nice to wear for weekend downtime or casual evenings out (when properly ironed of course)

White peplum tee, River Island

Not gonna lie – I bought this purely because I thought it would disguise my stomach rolls a little bit! I had to size up as the arm holes were a little tight, so it definitely doesn’t cling in any unsightly places.

MAC 217 blending brush 

I finally have that brush that everyone else seems to own! Earlier in the day it was recommended that brushes were better for applying concealer than a sponge, so I thought I’d start with the best and see if it was true. So far it has been pretty good!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, Finland and  Radiant Creamy Concealer, Creme Brûlée 
It was the  very nice sales assistant at the NARS counter in Selfridges who clued me up on applying conceleaer (as well applying base with your hands as it warms up the product and makes it more blendable) as well as fixing my makeup after my face had slid in central London humidity! I’ve wanted to try this moisturiser for a while, I sometimes feel a bit clogged wearing foundation but want my skins to look a bit fresher sometimes so this felt like a good alternative. This also has an spf in it so is going to be perfect for my summer trip to NYC.

NYXTinted Brow Mascara, Brunette and Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade, Brunette 

You’ll know from my recent favourites post that the pomade is a re-purchase, my thoughts on this will be in my May favourites post. The tinted mascara was a bit of an impulse buy as I like my brows to stay in place. I used this the other day alone and it can also smooth gaps of colour onto the brow area, however it’s a bit tricky to get a really good brow shape when using it like that.

NYX Prismatic eyeshadow singles, Rose Dust and Glass Slipper.

I knew these were really good already as I purchased the ‘Liquid Gold’ shade a few months back and they have a good good colour payoff.

Rose Dust is a dark rose gold, almost metallic brick red shade that looks really nice over the full lid or as part of a pink eye look around the outer eye. Glass Slipper is a bit more translucent and ‘galactic’ and looks really cool for summer. As I have green eyes I like wearing greeny shades to highlight them more.

Topshop eyeshadow mono, Beauty Queen 

The colour of the this is way more pink than it looks in these pictures. Sadly the colour payoff isn’t brilliant (though a bit of moisture on the brush improves this a little) but it has potential to create a nice base and brow highlight.

Topshop Smoke Stick, Realm and Underdog 

This is a really luminous shade that looks gorge in the eye corners and under the brow for a full on highlight.

This is a really nice subtle colour for daytime or as part of a smoky eye look. The creamy consistency is really bluildable and blendable so really easy to use.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought, or if there any more I should look to try.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

MUSIC, FASHION & FUN/ Radio 1 Big Weekend – Day 2

Day 2 of the Radio 1 #BigWeekend was equally as awesome as the first – but this one came with glitter and a short stack.

Who on earth eats American-style pancakes for brekkie in front of a helter skelter? Me and Chelsea do! She was my plus one for the day and apparently knows the words to every song EVER.

Before the music kicked off, we decided to hit up Feather and Fox to sass up our festival looks. I’ve honestly never been so excited by a menu before!

And when a gal like this is in charge, you know you’re in good hands…ta-da!!

Chels also had a double feather put in her to match the embroidery on her dress. I had a glitter triangle added to my chest in an attempt to cover my sunburn from the day before…I got more comments on that than my hair so it must’ve worked!

FYI- the sunglasses twinning thang wasn’t coordinated, pure coincidence. But now I know there’s a rose gold version, I am going to have to get them.

#OOTD Jumpsuit, Boohoo/ Shoes, EGO/ Choker, Boohoo/Sunnies, Miss Pap

I’ve had these sliders (in 3 different colours. Well, it is me! Hehe) for about a year and wear them as often as the weather allows. They’re super comfy and breathable which is exactly what was needed to be on your feet all day in warm temperatures.

Naturally, there waere more awesome and eclectic performers throughout the day – here’s a little about some of the ones we watched.

Little Mix

I don’t know if I can pull this phrase off, but yasss queens! Every bit as good as you would expect, I really like their new song ‘Power’, and I’ve always had a soft spot for their early stuff. However, I think my personal highlight may have been catching sight of my neighbour’s hubby standing with his arms tightly crossed being a bit of a grump.

Then I managed selfie and super quick chat with Mr Greg James…

…before swapping suncream and Yorkshire accents with YouTuber Joe Tasker.

Shaun Mendes

His first ever UK festival, really glad fought our way a bit closer to the front for this one! He definitely got a few of ladies hot under the collar with his amazing voice, musical skills and smooth Canadian accent. I’ve had his songs stuck in my head ever since. 

Lunchtime, again we had some ‘ever popular at festivals’ food, paella! You may laugh but it was the same price as some of the burgers, had some nutritional value and was tonnes more filing and tasty (side note- I make a pretty decent, Slimming World friend paella. It’s my most requested dish by th fam)

Dua Lipa

If I had any favourite performances from the weekend, Dua Lipa on the ‘Where it Begins’ stage would definitely be up there. Firstly, she looked bomb in a star print mini dress and platforms, her band (special shout out to her crazy drummer) were fantastic, her vocals were faultless and she had the whole tent jumping through the entire set. Why she wasn’t on the main stage I really don’t know!


Time for a little cool down, for which we chose to hit the ‘make your own slushy’ stand. Exactly what was needed to cool down, however I still didn’t quite get the insta-worthy shot these cups were screaming out for.

Rita Ora

Before this set kicked off, Chels and I were interviewed for a prime time BBC show about Rita Ora. However I haven’t been able to find the show or watch it, so if any of you happened to see it then shout out!

I’ve always liked Rita’s music, and her sassy performance of her best-known tracks made me like her more. I got ridiculously excited when she invited Rae onstage to give us a little blast of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and THEN bringing on Charli XCX for them to all perform their new song ‘Girls’. Total girl squad moment.

The Chainsmokers
Another act I was really looking forward to, and they definitely didn’t disappoint (well, apart from when it obvious that the dinger of the two may have been miming some parts of the set). There was an endless array of fire, smoke, pyrotechnics and musical awesomenes that was worth getting achy feet for.

Massive thanks to Radio 1 and the #BigWeekend team for organising such a thrilling event, bringing it to Hull and inviting me to experience the magic. Now the world knows what we can do, let’s get bidding for some more major events in the area!

Now attending a festival is officially ticked off my f**k it list, I wonder what I’ll check off next…

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

MUSIC, FASHION & FUN/ Radio 1 Big Weekend – Day 1

Last weekend is one of the BEST I’ve had in a very long time , and the Radio 1 #BigWeekend is solely responsible for this! 

I think everyone in the #Hull area peed their pants with excitement that a big name festival was FINALLY coming to our area, and it was definitely not one to be missed.

I think initially, everyone raised their eyebrows a bit that it was taking place in the grounds of Burton Constable Hall, an Elizabethan Manor House just on the outskirts of the city, however there really couldn’t have been a more perfect setting.

I invited fellow Hull Blogger Tory to be my plus one, this was the first time we have ever met! However I know it won’t be the last as she’s an awesome gal. 

#OOTD Top, customised men’s Adidas tee/ Shorts, customised Topshop Jamie jeans/ Espadrilles, Solewish*

This was the first time I’d worn these shoes, and I full expected to end the day with blister covered feet, but I was proved very wrong! I wore these for a solid 16 hours and they were brilliant, the sole was very hard wearing on the grass and made it really easy to walk around the site. These will definitely be a summer staple piece.

On to the music – I didn’t see quite as many artists on the bill as I would’ve liked (due to a couple of time clashes) but I’ve included a few of my highlights:

Zara Larson

Kicking of the Main Stage action was the Swedish bombshell of the moment, and she got everybody in the party mood! She did a really cool acoustic rendition of my fave ‘I Would Like’, dedicated her Clean Bandit collar ‘Symphony’ to the people of Manchester, and ended with summertime vibin’ ‘Lush Life’. I really liked that she was dressed in such a simple yet festival- goer appropriate outfit too.


I wouldn’t have said I was a Galantis fan but they delivered a really cool, high energy set that was really enjoyable and different from the othe musicians performing on the bill.

Time to stop for a quick ice cream , followed by the obligatory social media pic, which as you can see was a bit of a fail because it went a bit melty!

You Me at Six

Not a band I’d heard of (that’s really showing my age, cringe) playing in the ‘Where it Begins’ big top but was a great change of pace from the other performers we’d heard and had a really cool atmosphere around the crowd.

Next came another insta-driven purchase: a Pina Colada served inside a fresh pineapple!better photos than the ice cream but still not the best, the wind kept knocking the top off! 

The final act of the day was one Miss Katy Perry, definitely worth the wait and the longer queue for transport home! It had rained a little bit, but the poncho was mostly to try and keep me a bit warmer (which worked weirdly well for the most part)

The first time I’d ever seen Katy live and she was uh-may-zing. She magically appeared on stage in a vision of sequins and lit AF trainers and performed a back catalogue of hits from ‘I Kissed a Girl’ to the current ‘Bon Appetit’ that everybody bouncing. It was also the first time I’d heard ‘Swish Swish’ which I know I’m going to be singing all summer (I’ve already made a good start!)

Thanks to the fabulous Tory for being a great plus one, and for being able to return home to my own bed as the location was so close to home!

Day 2 post coming your very soon…

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION, FOOD & BEAUTY/ April Favourites

Welcome to #may everyone; my the year is flying fast! I’ve had some really diverse favourites for the past month and I’m really excited to share them with you. I’m not greedy, I want everyone to enjoy the good things! 

Vintage  I’m definitely starting to get more into the idea of vintage/re-made clothing; it’s literally the best way of getting a stylish look to be that little bit more unique. This month I went along to the opening of the brand new Poorboy store, and it made me want to spend all the pennies!

I’ve always been a fan of the brand, but now they’ve moved into the trendier Humber Street area of #hull (which lets face it, is where they belong) you can really see all of the cool pieces they have on offer (the jacket in the first picture is a particular fave).

FYI- they also know how to throw a great party! They had the best food, tunes and cocktails, all sourced from business within the same area. It’s great to spread the positivity around, we should all be following their example and wprk to raise each other up and be great together rather than compete. Great job guys!

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to live close by, they also sell pieces on ASOS Marketplace. I cant wait to see what other treasures I can find on my next visit!

Fresh sunnies I’ve decided that I need to refresh my sunnies collection, if nothing else so that my social media pics won’t all look the same come summer! These are some of the beauties I’ve picked up so far

Marble cat eye, Quay Australia/ black cat eye, Floozie by Frost French (sold out, similar here)/ Blue round lens, Topshop/ White cat eye, Quay Australia (sold out, similar here.

Pop chips  I have literally become OBSESSED with these over the past few weeks! I’ve come to the conclusion that they remind me of the crisps I used to eat when I worked abroad, and that’s why I’m so fond of them. Yes, I think we’ll call this ‘nostalgia eating’! 

The popped texture makes them very moorish, and the flavours (I’ve obviously tried them all. Obviously.) are really strong. I can’t see this favourite going away anytime soon…

Bluebird Tea co. Honey Bee Beautiful This is one I tried on a whim – Bluebird are always very kind and send a couple of free samples whenever you make an order (with a lovely handwritten note,  very nice touch) so I brought this to work and tried it out when I needed a few minutes of calm after a very busy morning.

First of all, it’s very pretty to look at. Secondly, it smells divine. It also tastes pretty great too, the chamomile is also really relaxing which was exactly what I needed. 

I’m going to be adding this into my regular collection for sure – this would be a great alternative to my Pukka Detox.

Benefit Cheek Parade  I really wanted to buy a brand new Hoola, so getting 5 blushes for less than the price of two (each is about £23, this palette was £39.99) seemed like a bargain I couldn’t refuse!

This includes the new GALifornia blush (which I’m yet to road test) Hoola Lite which isn’t even on the market yet (this has been fab for a more subtle bit of colour while it’s not been quite as sunny).

I’ve used the original Hoola for years and the Dandelion for the past few months, so these are already firm faves, but I’ve really enjoyed discovering the beauty of Rockateur after admiring it from afar for years.

Hair changes 

 Another month, another flash of inspiration  for what to do…if you’ve seen my Instagram lately you’ll have an indication of what I’ve been trying out lately, but I will definitely be doing a full post when it’s where I want it to be. Basically, trying to be blonder again has not been kind to my hair, so I’ve had to make the change to something else, but it’s something really interesting so I look forward to sharing  he results with you.

Thanks for reading, here’s to seeing what the next month has in store! 

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Fashion hacks: best place to buy…

I’m a gal who likes to shop, search out essential pieces and key trend items for the best price possible. Aside from work, it’s what I do! Based on my pretty extensive ‘research’ and ‘product trials in the name of effective research’ (not frivolous shopping at all) I thought I’d share some of the best places I’ve found to pick up certain items.

Designer dupe footwear – Miss Pap

In all of these pics, the dupe is to the right. Unless you were getting up very close and having a good ol’ feel of the leather, I doubt you would notice much difference (unless you’re some kind of bad-ass designer police). And, as awesome as it is to spend money on a really good piece that will last, sometimes things are just too trend-led to justify the expense for us mere mortals. 

I can’t imagine fur loafers being a classic style item for years, so would rather go for this £25 version than spend hundreds on #gucci whilst they’re en vogue! That said, items such as the #chloe and #givenchy style boots are a good staple to have so can be worthy of the spend, however for the amount of time I wear them in rotation with my other footwear they’re not going to wear out quickly so the cheaper versions are fine for me (she says, as if the hubby would be fine with a designer purchase a few months before we hope to move). 

Coats / Jackets – PLT

Pretty Little Thing have such an eclectic selection for every season and occasion. Want a sharp #balmain style blazer (I own this exact one and have done previous #ootd posts wearing this black version and also a slightly different look with the white version)? They have it. 

Demure and stylish waterfall coat? Yup, got that to (as do I. In three colours. Oops.) Feel like dressing as a human firework when it’s cold out (as I did at the start of the year in this outfit)? They have an awesome selection of sassy faux fur to do just that!

Their price and quality are pretty decent, this is the brand where I usually start my search for coats and jackets. I also own a lot of their bomber jackets which are super easy to throw over most items in my wardrobe.

Jeans – Topshop

And to think I went through a period where I refused to buy or wear jeans at all! 

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that I am obsessed with Topshop jeans and own far too many pairs. In my eyes they totally nail both the everyday wear and the high fashion, and there’s a good fit and perfect colour for pretty much everybody. Mic, dropped.

My favourite styles are Jamie (high-waisted ankle grazer) and Joni (super high-waisted stretch) at the moment I’m rotating between classic black skinny jeans and a slightly more trend-led blue stepped hem pair.

Band/ Rock tees – ASOS

These are soooo in rn, but in reality they always have and always will be a cool and easy addition to every gal’s wardrobe. I like the #asos ones best because they have the strongest variety available – ‘regular’ tees, reclaimed vintage and customised. There’s something for anybody who wants to try out the look on their own terms; sex it up a bit with a slash neck or lace up detail, add a feminine touch with some lace or tulle detail, or simply embrace that comfy ‘I’m with the band’ vibe. 

I’ve been styling mine in a few different ways. For a recent night out I pared this black tee with a cream pleather pencil skirt and heels

I’ve worn my slash neck t-shirt dress a few ways – otk boots and a longline bomber, tucked into high-waisted lace up jeans, and this look from a couple of months ago.

I hope this has helped with a few ideas about where to look for things or different ways to wear; I don’t profess to be an authority on all things style but I like to see how people put outfits together so I thought I would share a couple of my own. Let me know what you think, or if you have any tips of your own to pass along!

Stay stylish (and fashion hack clued in),

J 😘xx