FASHION/ My Current Go To Look

Apologies for being MIA – partly down to Mr Alice whisking me off to a spa as a post #graduation treat (lucky me right!) partly because I was a little busy landing myself a couple of fabulous #graduate job offers, and finally because there just weren’t enough celebs bringing their fashion A-Game for me to do my usual Style Round Up on Sunday….but I’m here now!

As the weather’s been a bit up and down lately I thought I’d share the look I’ve been living in to try and keep up. 


 (Apologies for the bag being a bit creased up in the close up shot)

I’ve said it before but I’m very much a “if the outfit rocks, snap it up in every colour!” Kind of a gal – I own these jeans and sleeveless jacket/waistcoat in 3 colours and the sunnies in 4! My other jackets you’ll have seen in my Khaki Kool post (worn as a dress) and my Birthday Presents #YouTube video.

Sleeveless Jacket In The Style/ Jeans Top Shop/ Bag River Island/ Aviators Cherry Diva/ Shoe Boots Public Desire

What are you go to styles at the moment? Tweet me some pics of them!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

T: @IamJennyChat

I: @thisisjennychat

Depop: @iamjennychat


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