Fashion hacks: best place to buy…

I’m a gal who likes to shop, search out essential pieces and key trend items for the best price possible. Aside from work, it’s what I do! Based on my pretty extensive ‘research’ and ‘product trials in the name of effective research’ (not frivolous shopping at all) I thought I’d share some of the best places I’ve found to pick up certain items.

Designer dupe footwear – Miss Pap

In all of these pics, the dupe is to the right. Unless you were getting up very close and having a good ol’ feel of the leather, I doubt you would notice much difference (unless you’re some kind of bad-ass designer police). And, as awesome as it is to spend money on a really good piece that will last, sometimes things are just too trend-led to justify the expense for us mere mortals. 

I can’t imagine fur loafers being a classic style item for years, so would rather go for this £25 version than spend hundreds on #gucci whilst they’re en vogue! That said, items such as the #chloe and #givenchy style boots are a good staple to have so can be worthy of the spend, however for the amount of time I wear them in rotation with my other footwear they’re not going to wear out quickly so the cheaper versions are fine for me (she says, as if the hubby would be fine with a designer purchase a few months before we hope to move). 

Coats / Jackets – PLT

Pretty Little Thing have such an eclectic selection for every season and occasion. Want a sharp #balmain style blazer (I own this exact one and have done previous #ootd posts wearing this black version and also a slightly different look with the white version)? They have it. 

Demure and stylish waterfall coat? Yup, got that to (as do I. In three colours. Oops.) Feel like dressing as a human firework when it’s cold out (as I did at the start of the year in this outfit)? They have an awesome selection of sassy faux fur to do just that!

Their price and quality are pretty decent, this is the brand where I usually start my search for coats and jackets. I also own a lot of their bomber jackets which are super easy to throw over most items in my wardrobe.

Jeans – Topshop

And to think I went through a period where I refused to buy or wear jeans at all! 

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that I am obsessed with Topshop jeans and own far too many pairs. In my eyes they totally nail both the everyday wear and the high fashion, and there’s a good fit and perfect colour for pretty much everybody. Mic, dropped.

My favourite styles are Jamie (high-waisted ankle grazer) and Joni (super high-waisted stretch) at the moment I’m rotating between classic black skinny jeans and a slightly more trend-led blue stepped hem pair.

Band/ Rock tees – ASOS

These are soooo in rn, but in reality they always have and always will be a cool and easy addition to every gal’s wardrobe. I like the #asos ones best because they have the strongest variety available – ‘regular’ tees, reclaimed vintage and customised. There’s something for anybody who wants to try out the look on their own terms; sex it up a bit with a slash neck or lace up detail, add a feminine touch with some lace or tulle detail, or simply embrace that comfy ‘I’m with the band’ vibe. 

I’ve been styling mine in a few different ways. For a recent night out I pared this black tee with a cream pleather pencil skirt and heels

I’ve worn my slash neck t-shirt dress a few ways – otk boots and a longline bomber, tucked into high-waisted lace up jeans, and this look from a couple of months ago.

I hope this has helped with a few ideas about where to look for things or different ways to wear; I don’t profess to be an authority on all things style but I like to see how people put outfits together so I thought I would share a couple of my own. Let me know what you think, or if you have any tips of your own to pass along!

Stay stylish (and fashion hack clued in),

J 😘xx

48 Hours in Liverpool

Liverpool is without doubt one of my favourite cities. I was thinking about why I like it so much and I’ve decided it’s because it reminds my of my hometown quite a bit, albeit a bigger and perhaps with a teeny bit more polish than #hull (I’m not being negative as I say this- the city is redeveloping and will be on top form before long!). Let’s consider the similarities:

Both are Northern towns with no ‘through’ access to anywhere else except a ferry out of the county. If you’re there, it’s because you were going there.

Both awarded the City of Culture status (Liverpool in 2008, Hull is the current 2017 title holder for the U.K.)

Both have a waterfront area close to the town centre that is a vibrant hub of sociability and local culture

Both have a wealth of cool, independent cafes, quite street art and thriving music/comedy scenes

Both have friendly locals with very distinctive accents!

 Myself and the Mr usually manage an annual visit to enjoy food, cocktails, shopping and some local culture (the latest being this past Easter weekend) so with this in mind I thought I would share a few ideas about what there is to do and recommendations for some of my fave places to visit.

Where to stay

We like to base ourselves round the Dale Street area as it’s very handy for the shops, nightlife and the docks without being right in the thick of the action.

This time we opted for Travelodge Exchange Street East as we booked last minute which is just off Dale Street. On previous visits we have stayed in Ibis Styles (simple with quirky decor and breakfast included) and Malmaison (beautiful but more on the expensive side and slightly further away)

We started our trip with a walk down to the docks, taking in some of aliverpool quirky art and iconic landmarks

  For lunch we headed to Vinea on Albert Dock which is a wine bar/cafe that we’ve enjoyed eating at before. I had a delicious rarebit and the Mr had the more traditional lamb scouse, a must try whilst in Liverpool.

They also do great deli boards, which I’ve had on a previous visit. 

Our next stop was The Beatles Story. We walked the long round from Vinea, only to realise they actually had a back door that would’ve taken us right to the entrance…fail!

We arrived a little before 2 and there were a lot of people The but it wasn’t overwhelmingly busy* (surprisingly as it was a #BankHoliday ). It’s been a long time since I last visited so I wasn’t sure how much I would remember, but the audio tour is a great mix of information and little extra touches like videos and extra sound bites.

Even if you’re not a huge Beatles fan (as we’re not) it’s still a great source of local history so worthy the visit. They have a cute cafe at the end as well which sells themed cupcakes (amongst other things) strawberry fields, lemon sorbet submarine, you get the idea. 

*Tip: For any tourist attraction I’d suggest arriving as they open or a couple of hours before they close if you’re wanting a less busy visit.

In the evening we visited one of my fave restaurants, Alma de Cuba.
I did my first ever food post on them a couple of years back (you can have a nosey here, however I’d like to think my picture quality has improved since then!) it’s inside an old church and is just so unique and quirky. 
The restaurant is on the top floor and is built as a really lovely terrace overlooking the main bar below.

 The food was just as fantastic as before, however the food is no longer South American themed. This came as a surprise and perhaps a bit of disappointment as this is what we had expected, but the quality was still there so we had a very enjoyable foodie fest indeed!

Make sure you sample the cocktail menu, ask the bar staff for their recommendations based on what you usually drink and see if you can try something a little bit different.

Oh breakfast- how were looking forward to you more than is probably healthy for human being! Thanks to a recommendation my friend Lynsey I had already become obsessed with Moose Coffee so there was no question where we would be heading on our first morning. Literally a three minute walk from our hotel we trotted down there for 8.55 as it can get very busy, to discover we had to wait in a small expectant queue of fellow foodies…you know a place is good when there’s a line to get in before it opens!

 My only frustration when I visit there is that there’s too much choice – do I want sweet or savoury? Tea or coffee? What kinda coffee? On this particular visit, this is what we had

It was amazing! Our previous visit looks a bit like this 

As you can see, someone is a creature of habit…hint, it ain’t me! One thing to bear in mine when eating at Moose is that they won’t alter any of their dishes to suit a preference – it comes how it says on the money, if you don’t like anything, don’t order it! I found a good way around that for me was to order a veggie dish with a side of meat I wanted, and I was able to remove things like jalepenos myself really easily.

After a hearty breakfast you need a spot of cardio, so I made like Carrie Bradshaw and hit the shops! Peaches & Cream is virtually next door to Moose and sells makeup and beauty items in ultra girly packaging up front, behind that is a team of make up artists ready to glam you up for a glam night out.

After an exhausting morning for both ourselves and our debit cards at Liverpool One, we dropped our shopping bags back at the hotel and headed to another of our fave places,The Smugglers Cove. Fully comitted to them theme of a pirate ship, it probably wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas, but  instead sits nestled in a corner of Albert Dock.

They have a great variety of ‘hearty’ food as well as several different types of rum and cocktails, and that what keeps us coming back.

Forget #bowlfood It’s all about the barrel food here!
Walking off the food with a lap of Albert Dock; there are a wider selection of places to eat and drink along the back varying from chains to cool and independent.

Walking back through tons to pick up the last few bits, heading through Cavern Walks and Mathew Street to take a look at the beautiful boutiques and quick street art.

Our dinner recommendation for the evening came from a lovely sales assistant in River Island. She suggested we try Bold Street for somewhere different, mentioning that Mowgli Street Food was one of her favourite places to eat. This turned out to be a great suggestion.

Bold Street doesn’t LOOK that enticing from a distance, but walking down it uncovers an array of bars, cafes and eateries so is worth the visit. 

Mowgli is a street food/tapas place, the food comes out as soon as it’s ready and it’s recommended that you order 3 dishes each.

We found that sharing all of this left us pretty darn full! It was pretty good value for a central restaurant too.

A short stroll from here is Concert Square, where we ended the night sipping cocktails and shoulder shuffling to some fab choons.

Another thing I found useful is that #uber now operate in Liverpool. I know people have mixed views on using them, but I’ve usually found them really efficient and cheap. When we had spent so much of food and shopping over the weekend, getting 4/5 cabs for less than £15 that debits straights from your account is well worth bearing in mind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my whirlwind tour around Liverpool! I’m keen to know if you’ve tried any of the places we visited, or if our have any recommendations for our next visit, so make sure you comment or get in touch on social media.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

Get lit – 3 highlighters you should consider buying

I’m definitely not that girl with the perfectly airbrushed, ‘selfie ready’ make up, but I do ok and enjoy playing around with different looks.

Over the past year I’ve been introduced to some great products, some brand new and others simply new to me, so thought I’d share some of those have worked out really well for me. These highlighters are different colours, consistencies and great for different things, there’s no way I could just pick one for everything right??

BECCA Shimmering skin perfector in Chapagne Pop

I feel like this is a product that people might kind of roll their eyes at and go “well duh!” but it genuinely is a pretty good product to have in your life!

I vary the use of this between day and night, depending on what I’m doing and how fancy I’m feeling. The gold-champagne shade complements a lot of my neutral shades really nicely and the colour payoff is really good. I always apply this using my Nanshy fan brush, sweeping upwards across my cheekbones and a couple of downward strokes using the side of the brush to soften the line.

Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess

Firstly – although I like this product, I was disappointed when I read recent comments made by its creator Marissa Carter about how bloggers are no longer authentic because they will say nice things about any product for the right form of payment. Based on the fact that I’ve seen Instagram posts over the last few months that have been marked as paid for ads by some medium to more well known bloggers, this statement seems all the more confusing.She has since apologised.

I worked with Cocoa Brown in my earlier blogging days (you can read the post here) and found them very lovely and supportive. I noticed not long after that they declined to gift at smaller events, but put that down to them being in higher demand after Kylie Jenner used their products. You can’t really blame them for that, and any communication I have with them still is in the same lovely tone, so I can only presume that this was a case of saying something to the press that was perhaps not that well thought out or articulated.


I didn’t actually want this when I got it – I’d been desperate to try the Rose Gold Goddess which isn’t for sale in the U.K. (boo, c’mon CB!) after trying the original Golden Goddess, and the only way I could get it was to buy The Goddess Collection from Cloud 10 which contained those two and this one. I thought I’d give it a go since it was there, and honestly I think it’s the best highlighter I’ve used to date. 

It’s an uber glowy bright silvery shade, glides easily over makeup and is perfect for a glam night out. To apply I spritz a bit on the back of my hand before using the pointed end of my B latex-free blending sponge to dab gently across my cheekbones. Then, I either use my finger or Makeup Revolution oval precision cheek brush (I got mine as part of the Contouring precision set) to gently buff it into my skin.

It only takes a little bit each time so will really last; I’ve also heard this will be coming out in its own right soon so I’m delighted I will be able to repurchase when I eventually need to.

Benefit Watts Up

This is my everyday product; as you can see it’s been very well used and battered around in my handbag! The creamy consistency glides onto the skin really nicely and the colour is a really lovely candle-lit like glow, just a little but natural but still fleeky. 

The other end of the product is a sponge to help blend in which is really handy, however sometimes I still use my oval cheek brush just to ensure it buffs in a bit more naturally.

Just because I have a top three doesn’t mean I’m not open to more recommendations; I reckon I could easily have top 5 without it being too many… maybe even a cheeky 7? Hehe. Feel free to leave any comments or links for anything else you think is a must try! 

Thanks for reading, stay stylish (and lit AF)

J 😘xx

Alternative sweet treats for Easter

I like chocolate. A LOT. Sadly for me, if I eat too much it affects my skin and waistline which makes me unhappy. So for those like me who are looking for #easter themed goodies this year away from the traditional egg, I have a couple of suggestions for you. Read on…

Bluebird Tea co Easter themed teas

This year I’m doin Tea-ster! 

Don’t want to eat Easter treats? Drinking them could be the next best alternative. I was introduced to Bluebird last year and enjoyed trying some of their festive products, so have been egg-cited (sorry!) to try these. 

They smell uh-may-zing! Uber chocolatey and wonderful warming spices just make you feel sooooo good. It’s also nice to have a flavoured tea that can be enjoyed with or without milk, like your regular brew with a difference.

I got the regular packaging, but if you’re really committing there’s some fab themed gifts to pick up – think tea wrapped in carrots and Easter eggs (a bit like Lush, they really commit to the season with the packaging). 

Palmolive Gourmet chocolate shower cream

I’ve been using this for a few months, and it’s rich scent reminds me of a really chocolate-y milkshake. You’d think that may make you feel hungry or crave chocolate, but for me I find it kinda soothing. 

In the same range you can also pick up strawberry, vanilla or mint too. Not egg-actly (again, sorry!) Easter themed but they will be amazing to smell during the summer.

I hope these suggestions help some of you out in seeking some #april treats! If you try any of these or have any other suggestions for me I’d really like to hear them.

Thanks for reading, Stay stylish (and craving choccy a bit less)

J 😘xx

YouTube made me buy it…

I’ve enjoyed watching a few of these videos lately, so I thought I’d jump on the tag and share my own social media- influenced purchases. There’s probably a lot more than I’ll chat about here! I’m nosey so really like seeing what other people have liked using and enjoy trying new things.

Disclaimer: all of the products are well used  and look it. Take that as a sign they have been well tested rather than thinking I’m a bit trampy please!

Lazy Oaf bow tie long sleeve t-shirtEditLily Melrose was responsible for this one – I kept seeing it on her channel and in the end had to have it!

It’s definitely more of a jumper as it’s quite thick, I’d also recommend doing your hair after putting it on as the neck is pretty tight fitting. It’s quite oversized, so I’m still working out the best way to style it so I do feel too dumpy, but I really like how cute it is.

Pixi glow tonic

I saw this on Lucy and Lydia Connell’s channel. They raved about it really getting tough-sticking make up off (something I struggle with, hellooo panda eyes) and I’ve enjoyed using other glycolic acid products so thought it was worth a try.

It’s fine, I do like it, but I don’t rate it more highly than any other toner or acid product  I’ve tried. Sadly, I haven’t found it nudges my stubborn make up any more than any other either. For the price I will continue he to use this as part of my skincare routine but will probably look at others for next time round.

COLAB dry shampoo

This is another Lily Melrose inspired purchase, and one I’m pretty happy with. For years I’ve been a die- hard Batiste fan but this one promised to have less of the white powdery residue. So far so good! Much easier to blend in and the scents are just as lovely. I repurchase this one a lot and definitely one is now recommend.

Too Faced ‘Melted’ chocolate liquid lipstick in milkshake

Lydia and Lucy’s influence yet again…they rave about the melted products a lot, and I kind of liked the idea that they smelled chocolatey (in such a gimmick ‘ho).

I picked this up in Sephoraast summer and have really enjoyed using it – the velvetey applicator is really lovely to use, the consistency is matte yet moisturising, and the colour is lovely (very similar to NYX Stockholm, which I know everyone enjoyed as a good nude shade. Side note: I’m wearing that dude right now).

I’d definitely repurchase this shade as my ‘easy breezy go-to nude lip’ colour, though I’m not sure any of the other melted shades are for me.

MAC cosmetics ‘matte’ lipstick in velvet teddy & Bobbi Brown lip liner in ballet pink

I spotted both of these on Tanya Burr’s channel. To be honest, I think the Velevet Teddy is probably on every major bloggers channel isn’t it! So it’s not surprise I have in at Christmas and picked up my own.

At first I wasn’t sure it was the right shade for me, a bit too pink toned, but I’ve warmed to it so much more now and reach for it often.

I bought the lip liner to try wearing all over my lip on it’s own, but quickly discovered it’s the ideal pairing with Velevt Teddy so usually wear them both together when I’m trying to be more put together. I think next on my list will have to be the infamous MAC Ruby Woo!

Too Faced better than sex mascara

I originally saw this on Lucy and Lydia’s channel and noticed lately Tanya Burr has been trying it out too. Both rave about it and say it’s their go-to mascara product of the moment.

When I got it I was impressed by the packaging and weight of the product for the price, it seems pretty decent value for this kind of mid-range price range. However, whereas I haven’t been unimpressed with using it, I wouldn’t say I’ve been blown away either.

I’ve been using this and the new L’Oréal false lag effect one lately, and they’re both fine, but neither are giving me that ‘boom boom pow’ that they seem to be giving others. It’s a nice product though even using just one coat, but I think my search for the amazing product will still be on when it runs out.

Urban Decay all-nighter makeup setting spray

This was another summer Sephora purchase thanks to a final Lucy and Lydia recommendation. My makeup slides terribly so wanted something that would help combat this, and boy does it ever.

When I use it correctly (i.e. Not spraying too close to my face so that it makes my mascara run anyway) it really de a give me that staying power, so is ideal for warm summer days and sweaty nights out. The packaging has changed and is now a really cool black colour, so I look forward to re-adding it to my collection in its chic new format. It may also stay a little cleaner too! 

There’s probably going to be many more of these purchases made in the future, to think there was time when I had to come up with what I bought all by myself! 

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

March Favourites 

Another month of 2017 gone…that’s crazy! Unfortunately for me it’s been another month that’s brought me a fresh bout of illness, so my top three faves for the past month are things that have helped me fake a healthy look.

Garnier Skin active micellar cleansing gel wash, combination & sensitive skinI’ve always been a bit ‘meh’ about micellar water, it just hasn’t worked that well for me. This stuff, however, is bloody marvellous! 

I’ve had quite a few breakouts lately so I wanted something that may help calm those down. This thoroughly cleans my face, melts up all my makeup in seconds and has left my skin super soft and spot free. It’ll definitely be sticking around in my bathroom cabinet.

LUSH lip scrubMy lips have been so gross with the rapid changes in temperature and bouts of illness, so this has been a real treat to use to help them look and feel as soft as my skin. 

This particular one is from the Valentine’s range and smells just like Love Heart sweets; I think it’s been discontinued but there lots of other yummy scents to try out. Not sure whether chocolate or honey will be my next pick…

Wet Brush pro
This definitely comes under the heading ‘social media made me buy it’ (I’ll be doing a dedicated post on this very soon) and I’m sooooo glad I did! 

My hair has become increasingly more knotted and unruly over the years, to the point where even a Tangle Teaser hurts and pulls through it. For bristles so soft it glides beautifully through my hair at all times, I still get the odd hideous knot but this makes it MUCH kinder to deal with.

Here’s hoping for a healthier and happier April!

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx

Rock Up Hull

This is no ordinary blog post -not only does it include the sassiest new indoor activity in Hull, but it also features my first ever guest post! 

Rock Up Officially opens this week (22 March) in St Stephens shopping centre, and I managed to head over for a first look. Along with me for the ride was Mama Alice as well as my friend Suzy and her little girl Izzy. You’ll be hearing more from them later.

Rock Up by me – an adults day outAs someone desperate to get their fitness back on track this sounded like a different way to achieve this; after reading it could burn up to 700 calories per one hour session it sounded VERY appealing indeed!

In all honesty, I don’t think my mum really thought much about where I was inviting her to until she got there, but she and I were both super excited when we walked in to what is essentially a massive playground. See how excited she looks!

Both of us really like to try new things and feel that sense of accomplishment. Sadly, another thing we both share is that we’re both scardey cats when it comes to things like this! 

We dug deep and tried a few walls out, making a little higher up each time. The instructors were really patient and encouraging, advising which walls to start with and cheering us on.
I think the scariest bit is coming back down – basically, stick yo’ butt out and let go! Even from a couple of meters up that feels daunting, but we were in good hands and knew we would be just fine if we did as the instructors showed us.
I had a little go on the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ – nothing to hold on to on the way up, nothing to hold on to on the way down…simply step off. I say “simply” when it’s very clear from this picture that I found it anything but! My mum was actually shouting “jump to mummy!” 

I eventually made it just short of the top of one wall; if I hadn’t looked down and wasn’t shattered I would’ve been hitting that buzzer like a boss! 

We had lots of fun, felt like we had overcome a little of our fear, and definitely gave ourselves a workout! We can’t wait to go back and give it another try now we know what to expect.

Top Tips

– Wear light and comfortable clothing. Jeans were absolutely fine but definitely a t-shirt or similar on top as you really do work up a sweat. I may even opt for workout clothes next time

– Stay hydrated. Even if you’re not constantly climbing you still get pretty tired, it’s a pretty tough workout, so make sure you have something to drink to keep your energy levels high.

– Do everything exactly as they the instructors tell you. If not you may hurt yourself in some very unfortunate places. I think you know what I mean.

– Don’t. Look. Down.  

 Rock Up by Suzy – a family day out 

After being invited to tag along with my 5 year old daughter for a sneak peek and trial Rock Up before its official opening, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Izzy had done this before at a similar venue, but for me, I hadn’t rock climbed or abseiled since my early teens so my excitement was tinged with nerves. 

The place itself is very welcoming, the friendly staff are very helpful and nothing is too much trouble – suited for both the beginner and the more experienced, they want you to have as much fun as they do climbing! The brightly coloured walls are nothing but enticing, and designed to allow you to go as high as you feel comfortable. 

When it was time to tackle the walls, mum had to step up to plate and show there was nothing to fear. Unlike other climbing walls your lines are automatically counter weighted to you – don’t ask me how, it just works! – so when you’re ready to come down, you simply push away from the wall and gently bounce or glide back down to the mat. This goes against every rational thought and for me was a very mind over matter scenario and my nerves very nearly got the better of me. 

Hitting that button located at the top of each wall does gives a certain sense of triumph – just don’t look down before making your way to the bottom again! But once Izzy had seen mummy do it, she was off! 

My daredevil rock climber extraordinaire was in her element and didn’t stop until her hour climbing was up and to my amazement she even made it to the top too! Although she had no problem looking down, it was just me! Out done by a 5 year old – awesome ha-ha!

Every wall is open for trying and anyone aged 4 or over is allowed to give them a go (their oldest climber is 80!)– and as long as there isn’t a queue you can climb it as many times as you like until you want to change. Obviously some are more suited to the smaller hands/shorter legs, but if you want to try, then they let you try! Even the soon to be infamous stairway to heaven is open to all ages, making your way from pillar to pillar, it’s a true balancing act with nothing to hold onto, when your ready it’s simply a leap of faith the reach the bottom. 
Reasonably priced for the time (and exercise!) you have, we will most certainly be making a number of return visits and no doubt sign up to the after school clubs they are planning on launching in the future.
It’s nothing short of a fun and fantastic activity in the middle of a city. 

Perfect for those with both young and older children, the addition of a soft play allows parents to please both their little explorers and young adventurers at the same time! The climbing supervisors put the kids right at ease, with high fives being thrown around at every corner, kids will be confident enough to just get stuck right in – Win Win!

Top Tips 

– Let your child explore. With a physical and very adventurous activity like this, it’s hard not to worry. Being adults, we have a tendency to over think things. As parents we know that the more we ask if they are ok, the more worrisome and nervous our children can become. 

– Get your little one to trial coming down by themselves at a low height. Get them comfortable with that before letting them scale half way up (or to the top!). There is only one line available on most of the walls and the staff are unable to climb safely up to retrieve anyone finding themselves ‘stuck’…… get them used to trusting the equipment.  Once they are happy and comfortable release the reigns, let them challenge themselves and most of all let them have fun!

– Let them choose. Don’t tell them what they can/can’t have a go at or how to do it. The supervisors will make recommendations, but if they want to try a hard wall, let them. They will soon figure out what they can and can’t do – or reach!

– Be patient. If it’s their first time they are bound to be both excited and nervous. Let them change their mind a million times on what wall they want to attempt, or how they want to climb it. Let them figure it out. You may find they go back and forth a lot, deciding where they want to go, but it’s perfect for decision making and building their confidence.

– Mums and Dads – enjoy it too! The arena is safe for your little one to explore! There are plenty of supervisors on hand to monitor everyone and its regulated so it will never be over packed. I wish I had climbed more (my nerves did get the better of me a little – I even hate coming down ladders so doing this was a big challenge for me) but I enjoyed watching her so much I forgot to test myself too! Get stuck in, you won’t regret it and you will have some awesome memories of the day to share together too.

– Most of all… relax and just have fun!
Stay stylish,

J 😘xx